Project Worksheet
We've put together this handy worksheet to help you capture your vision for the project. The more information you can give us, the better.

Because each member of your team may have a different vision for the project, we recommend completing this worksheet as a group.

Help us keep our records up-to-date.
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Help us understand your your business and processes.
What does your business do or sell? *

How long have you been in business? *

How do you see your business growing? *

Describe your ideal customer? *

What is your current sales process? *

What marketing methods do you currently use? *

Who do you consider to be your closest competition? *

What are your business's unique selling points? *

What problems can we help you solve? *


Help us to understand your requirements.
What is your project brief? *

Spend some time and please give the most comprehensive answer you can.
What are the key objectives for this project? *

What are your project MUST-haves? *

What is an absolute necessity and you can't go ahead without?
Project SHOULD-haves? *

What items or functionality should the project have, but aren't a deal-breaker?
Project NICE-to-haves? *

What additions to your project would you love but aren't business critical?
What is your project budget? *

What have we got to work with to achieve your desired outcome?

What are your project timescales? *

How long do we have to complete your project?

Do you have any on-going plans for your project or is this a one-off?

E.G. do you plan to phase the project? Or do you require ongoing support and improvements?
Who currently provides this or a similar service for you?

E.G. an agency, or freelancer?
Please select the TWO most important to you and your project? *


Please ket us know which services you would like us to help you with...

Digital Marketing Services

Additional Services

Support services


When was the last time you went through this process? *

What went right and what went wrong last time?
What is your timeline for the decision? *

What is your decision making process? Who has the final say? *

Who else are you considering for this project? *

Last one. What is the MOST important thing to you about working with us or another agency? *

Thank you for completing this project worksheet and for considering us to deliver your project.

What happens next?
We will review your project information and one of our team will get back to you via email or phone within the next 2 working days.

We may have some additional questions or require a face-to-face/video meeting in order to help us to provide ball-park costs, timescales and ideas.

Our office pug, Chester, thanks you for your future business!
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