Project Worksheet
We've put together this handy worksheet to help you capture your vision for the project. Think of this document as a business plan for your website. The more information you can give us, the better we'll be able to respond.

Please answer each question in a clear and concise manner, and skip any questions that don’t pertain to your project.

Because each member of your team may have a different vision for the project, we recommend completing this worksheet as a group. That way we won't miss any important opinions.
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Your Information

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Your Business

Help us understand your your business and processes.
What does your business do/sell? *

What are your business's unique selling points *

How do you see your business growing? *

What support can we provide to help you become successful?

What marketing methods do you currently use? *

What is your sales process like? *

Who are (and aren't) your customers? *

Who do you consider to be your closest competition? *

Who else do you consider to be competition?

The Project

Help us to understand your requirements.
What is your project brief? *

Don't be afraid to really sink your teeth in!

Spend some time and give the most comprehensive answer you can.
What are the key goals for this project? *

Project must haves? *

What’s an absolute requirement?
Project should haves? *

Project nice to haves? *

What would be a nice addition?
What is your budget for this project? *

What are your timescales for this project? *

Sorry, yesterday isn't an option!
Do you have any future plans for the project?

Who currently provides this project service for you?

Project Priorities

Help us get a better understanding of what your priorities are for this project.
How important is quality? *

How important is speed of delivery? *

How important is budget to you? *

How important is Return on Investment to you? *

Services Required

Let us know which services you would like us to provide.
Core Services


Additional Services


3rd Party Integrations

Do you require your project to integrate with any other systems/services?

Decision Process

What is your decision making process?

Who are the stakeholders involved? *

Who else are you considering for this project? *

What is your timeline for the decision? *

When was the last time you went through this process? *

What went right and what went wrong last time?
How can we win your business?

What Could stop us from winning this project? *

Thank you very much for completing this project worksheet and for considering us to deliver your project. We would be proud to call you our customer!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions by emailing

We will be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps.

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